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"Working with a Sign Language Interpreter in Your Classroom"


During this webinar, Linda Koehler, teacher of the deaf, and Shannon Locke, teacher of the deaf and li-censed/ certified educational interpreter, will overview considerations for using interpreters in schools. They will discuss strategies for successful teaming and the necessity for teacher/interpreter collaboration so that students receive the most effective interpreted education possible.  The topics of discussion will include the different roles and responsibilities of teachers and educational interpreters as well as research-based best practices. They will also provide resource information for administrators, teachers, interpreters, and parents.

About the Presenters:

Linda Koehler received her Master’s degree in Deaf Education from Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Ore-gon.  She started her career teaching second grade for 5 years then was a teacher of the deaf in public schools for 14 years working with students from kindergarten through high school.  She has been through interpreter training as well. She has been a Public School Outreach consultant for MECDHH for the past 6 years.

Shannon Locke received her Master's Degree in Education Leadership and graduated from an interpreter training program. She is a licensed and certified interpreter specializing in educational interpreting. She worked as an interpreter and teacher of the deaf in the K-12 setting before coming to MECDHH last fall.

Who Should Attend?

This webinar is geared toward teachers who may have an interpreter in their classroom, administrators who hire and supervise interpreters, and other staff who will work with the interpreter.  Parents may also find this information useful in understanding how the school plans to meet their child’s access needs and to feel empowered to advocate for an inter-preter who is well qualified to meet those needs.

The participants will develop an understanding of ...

  1. The importance of collaboration between teachers, interpreters, and other team members.
  2. Evidence-based best practices.
  3. Differing roles and responsibilities of the teacher and the interpreter.

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