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Executive Director's Report

What a month it has been! Most recently we were hit hard with a power outage on Mackworth Island such that we had to shut down the school from...

Executive Director's Report

The Early Childhood and Family Services (ECFS) team is happy to reunite with their colleagues.  Working through the summer can get lonely on the...

Executive Director's Report

This year brings many new changes for the EECS program. With increased enrollment, we will be welcoming 15 students this fall.  The program will...

Executive Director's Report

Spring appears to be officially here as evidenced by the smell of cut grass that, once again, permeates the island campus.

Evening with new Executive Director & School Board Chairperson

Come join us to meet the new Executive Director of MECDHH, O.J. Logue and the new School Board Chairperson, John Shattuck and to wish outgoing...


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